Minute Workouts

7-minute workout – Is that really enough for the dream body?

You want to be fit, well-trained and healthy without having to spend a lot of time doing sports every day? With the 7-Minuten-Workout there is a sports program with which you can keep your

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Quick Weight Loss

Sports and calories overrated: What influences our body weight more strongly

It is not the amount of calories or how much exercise we do that determines whether we are slim or fat, lose weight or stay chubby despite diets. Studies show that other

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Healthy Diet

11 Tips in 11 Minutes – How to eat healthily
Tip 1: Eat fresh and unprocessed!
What is healthy nutrition? What is Clean Eating? Especially fresh and unprocessed foods, because they are the healthiest. Therefore, pay very close attention to the ingr

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Weight Loss Tips: The Best Tricks

Instagram icons, personal trainers and the experts from FIT FOR FUN help you: How can I lose weight sensibly? Here are the most effective weight loss tips. Why are Instagram fitness icons like Pamela Reif and Sophia Thiel so popular? Or those trainers who have become known through their successes with VIP customers? They don’t force their clients and followers into nonsensical diets, to eat cotton balls soaked in juice, to chew tobacco instead of sweets, or to swallow tapeworm eggs (people really did that to lose weight). No, the best experts today find ways to combine individual weight loss…

Things You Need To Know About Yoga

Yoga refers to an exercise program whose main aim is to train one’s consciousness for a state of tranquillity and to promote control of the body. There are different types of yoga which are practised with various goals. The most remarkable benefits derived from practising yoga are awareness, confidence, and relaxation. Some people take it as part of their daily routine as a fitness program. It can also be done with an aim to discover your spiritual nature. Others practice it as a therapy to aid in finding solutions and relief to ailments like backaches and asthma. If you decide…

Physical Exercise Motivation Tips

Good attitude toward your set goals will help you to lose extra calories easily. You should expect setbacks during the weight loss process but you should master a few tricks on how to overcome them. Diet Motivation Tips To Help You Lose Weight (a) Expect challenges: You should try as much as possible to avoid your cravings. This will help you to keep off from poor dieting which may compromise your weight loss program. You should stick to a balance diet and avoid eating sugary and fatty foods. (b) Just go slow: You should keep in mind that the optimal…

How to Lose Body Fat for Good

As the title of this article implies, there is a big difference between losing body fat and losing body fat for good. Many people manage to lose some body fat here and there with their efforts, but a great many of them quickly gain it back. You see, the long term success of your fat loss efforts will be determined by your ability to not just choose an intelligent diet and exercise plan, but to make permanent lifestyle changes that support staying fit and lean. Where most people go wrong is in starting a weight loss program with the idea…

How to Lose Weight in a Week

When you want to lose weight quickly, it is not impossible to reach your goal. You can succeed by making some minor changes to your lifestyle habits. First, avoid starvation diets and diet pills and instead choose a reputable plan. The best way to achieve results is by making a balanced diet a part of your life. A balanced diet is one that bases your meals on the four basic food groups. Each group provides essential nutrition, and offers a variety of low-calorie options. You should have a serving of protein with every meal. Protein builds lean muscle and provides…