Weight Loss Tips: The Best Tricks

Instagram icons, personal trainers and the experts from FIT FOR FUN help you: How can I lose weight sensibly? Here are the most effective weight loss tips.

Why are Instagram fitness icons like Pamela Reif and Sophia Thiel so popular? Or those trainers who have become known through their successes with VIP customers?

They don’t force their clients and followers into nonsensical diets, to eat cotton balls soaked in juice, to chew tobacco instead of sweets, or to swallow tapeworm eggs (people really did that to lose weight).

No, the best experts today find ways to combine individual weight loss training with a targeted food schedule.

It is always a matter of developing good nutritional rituals that suit you – and combining this with the personally optimal exercise programme.

And in connection with both, it is sometimes also a matter of influencing one’s own psyche and tricking a little.

We asked seven well-known personal coaches, influencers and bloggers how they keep themselves and their customers fit and in shape – here you can read about their best figure and weight loss tips.

Eating in a more controlled way

If you only eat irregularly and skip meals frequently, you will confuse your body and your appetite. The fatal consequence: ravenous appetite.

You throw yourself at everything you can eat and stuff yourself with starvation much more than would be necessary.

What’s the matter with you? In short, our brain needs glucose to function properly. But if you skip a healthy snack or lunch, you under-sugar it.

This means that the brain is no longer able to regulate appetite and resist an orgy of eating or going to the refrigerator at night.

First of all, you should change your attitude. Tell yourself: “I will start my new daily routine from now on”.

The rest is simple: Calculate your personal calorie requirement here, depending on whether you want to keep your weight or lose weight. Distribute these calories over only three meals a day, plus a maximum of two snacks of 100 to 200 calories each.

Even better, really eat only three times a day, without the snack breaks – or maybe only twice, for intermittent fasting.

Eat slower

Let’s be honest: Do you eat in peace and quite consciously – or do you quickly gobble down your meals in a hurry? Those who gulp have no chance to feel satiation.

The subjective feeling of satiety always starts after 15 to 20 minutes. Slow connoisseurs then feel the point of satiety after significantly less food intake and stop eating.

So devote yourself fully to your meals – without watching TV, reading the newspaper, making phone calls.

Now that you’re eating less, you can celebrate. When you eat, you eat. Your body says when it has enough.

To slow down, use a breathing exercise from the book “The Yoga Body Diet” by Kristen Schultz Dollard: inhale and slowly count to five, exhale again and count to five. Repeat the exercise three to five times before you eat.

Fast enough with the plate trick

What should the perfect plate look like? Experts at Texas A & M University found out that it must be blue and no more than 23 centimeters in diameter.

Then it’s slightly smaller than a normal dinner plate, but larger than a breakfast plate, so it makes the food look more than it is.

This optical illusion tricks the brain into thinking you’re still eating a normal portion.

If the plate is also blue, the brain is completely outwitted. Since there are hardly any blue foods in nature, the eye does not associate any food with this colour.

The appetite fades, the body even receives light warning signals.

Starve? No, thank you!

Try new things, keep food exciting, taste the difference – this is how you develop fun by eating healthy and natural food.

Healthy ingredients are very important: good oils (cold pressed olive and linseed oil, walnut oil), lots of water and tea (e.g. green tea and nettle tea).

I do not use empty carbohydrates such as household sugar and white flour, as they provide many calories but few important nutrients.

Soft drinks and instant juices are not on my list either. Purification and detoxification cures once a year are wonderful.